Now I am always dealing with the online weed store

Since COVID doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I have needed to depend on online services.

I no longer go to the grocery store, however instead have it delivered to my front door.

I order clothing, toiletries, shoes and other fun things all online now as well. I download and stream movies right from my household and I get take out rather than go to an eating establishment. The last thing I had was going to our recreational pot dispensary. I would make a day out of it. I would browse through the store looking at various bongs, vapes, cannabis pens and all other smoking devices. I would look at the different strains such as OG Kush, Purple Haze and Blue Dream. I care about browsing since I usually would impulse purchase and get something new that I just love… Well, recently our local cannabis dispensary has moved into being an online weed store. I can’t physically go in the building any longer. I have to go on their website, pick out the products, pay the cash for them and get the items delivered. I can either choose to do curbside pick up or have cannabis delivery to my front doorstep. Why would I want to get in the vehicle and drive to the cannabis dispensary? I now order weed online and get everything dropped off at my home regularly. It is easily convenient and self-explanatory, although I do miss going into a physical weed store. I don’t get to browse or impulse buy any longer. I don’t see what is new anymore. I just get the same thing all of the time.


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