I slather it on

For most serious chronic pain I need to use medical cannabis to treat it! Instead of smoking it or taking an edible, I easily use a medical marijuana topical! A lot of people guess you can smoke or eat legal weed and that is it. There are a whole wide range of forms for allowed cannabis. Topicals are our favorite for our particular issue. A topical can be a lotion, balm or patch that you physically put on the area that hurts. I have a topical that is almost like an icy hot. It creates a cooling effect on joints or muscles that supply me grief; Muscle soreness, tension headaches, joint concerns, and inflammation are things any number of topicals can treat. If you are looking to treat chronic pain with medical pot however not get high, try using a lotion or balm. Menthol or peppermint is usually within the topical to create the cooling effect. If you want to get the euphoric feeling, a patch does allow this to happen. Lotions or balms grab onto your CB2 receptors to supply you pain relief, while a patch easily can transmit the cannabinoids to the bloodstream to make you high. When talking to me, I like just getting the pain relief separate from it being fun. I have a lotion with peppermint that makes our skin cool and stinks quite good. It works way better than any icy hot, heating pad or bag of ice could do. I have the chance to get it at the legal cannabis store near me anytime I want, but sometimes I experiment and get a new scent too.


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