Using marijuana is a form of holistic health

It’s taxing to believe that a plant that can grow so absolutely well has so much benefit to our life.

Infact, legal cannabis is an immense component in our path to attain a sense of balance and perspective in this life.

I find it interesting that I am finding such immense relief in something that has been considered so harmful. It wasn’t too long ago that I had witnessed people entirely celebrating in the streets when recreational weed became legal weed. Now I completely understand what all the rejoicing was all about. At the time, I was happy to see people happy but, I didn’t have a vested interest in forms of recreational marijuana. Since I was in college, I just honestly haven’t engaged with any available recreational weed. But when legal month became available in my state, I decided to explore it a bit. It came at a great time. And I was partly motivated by how much I had heard about the efficacy of legal weed when it comes to treating chronic depression. A friend encouraged me to at least offer it a try. Every one of us started by going to the recreational cannabis store near my house. The experts there were so great about showing me the ropes. They helped me find the right products and helped me with understanding what to expect. I started out with some edible legal cannabis. The THC level was lower inside so I could see exactly where I was on that spectrum. To our delight, I found a near immediate sense of peace and balance that had been eluding me for some time now. I’m so thankful that recreational weed is now legal weed in this state.
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