I’m in the right business

It cracks me up to no end when I go back and watch all those old public service announcements decrying how evil drugs are. They used to run all the time during my saturday morning cartoons, and usually they had the guy breaking an egg into a hot pan. He would woefully intone “this is your brain on drugs” as the egg fried, and I literally thought that was what happened to a person’s brain. Were I to go back and tell my past self that when I grew up I would be a drug dealer, who did it legally, I would never believe. And yet here I am, years later, working for a legal cannabis dispensary. I was joking when I used the term “drug dealer” which I really shouldn’t do because so many people are prejudiced against medical marijuana already. What I need to do is raise awareness to all the benefits that can be gained from cannabis or CBD oil. For me it has nothing to do with getting high, marijuana is a drug much like any other drug, and can be abused or used medically. I don’t just sell cannabis to anyone who wants it, that is not how the legalized medical cannabis business works. Drug dealers illegally sell drugs, but I am certified and licensed to sell marijuana, edibles, and CBD products to anyone with a prescription for them. It was a hard business to get started, because so many people have the wrong idea about marijuana use, but I think we are really making a difference.