A budtender

The medical marijuana industry is a confusing one in my opinion. I have suffered from seizures my whole life and they had been gaining intensity as I have aged. A friend of mine talked to me about trying medical marijuana. The whole marijuana industry has changed overtime to one that is accepted and widely used to help people who struggle like myself. However, when I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, I was overwhelmed by the choices. There was a whole variety of strains, extracts, edibles, topicals and a range of new cannabis products. I was worried about how I was going to make my selection and find the products that work best for me. Thankfully, marijuana dispensaries have people called budtenders. These are the workers at the dispensary that help people like me pick out what suits my needs best. The budtenders I worked with was amazing. He knew every product and what it did. The budtender employee asked so many questions and was really helpful in guiding me along in the selections. I was surprised that he was able to pinpoint what exactly I needed, how strong of a cannabis product I needed and locate the product from his vast selection. At first I wondered if the budtender had ulterior motives and wanted to push certain strains. Nope, the guy was absolutely amazing. He told me afterwards that the he knows the products so well because he had to do budtender employee education. He did a portion of online budtender training and actually working with a real company that strives for excellence in the cannabis education field. I did not realize budtenders get training.