I was getting so much information

My friend Annie recently decided that she wanted a change of career. She’s been doing the same thing for many years, and I guess she just got tired of running a flower shop. She is really good at being a florist, though. She does lots of flowers for weddings and funerals and parties and other events. Anyway, I guess after being the owner of a flower shop for fifteen years, she just decided that she wanted a change. I was pretty surprised when she gave me the news that she’s decided to turn her flower shop into a marijuana dispensary and a cannabis dispensary! She’s been taking all the classes to learn everything that she needs to know about marijuana products, cannabis products, CDB oil, and edibles. I think by the time she actually gets her marijuana dispensary and cannabis dispensary licensing through the mail over the next couple of months, Annie is going to be an expert at all things regarding marijuana and cannabis! I’m pretty excited for her and her change of career. I know that it’s going to be a learning curve for her, but I’m sure once she gets started, she’s going to do great at running the marijuana dispensary. I am a big believer in the medical and curative powers of marijuana, and I have used CBD myself in order to treat anxiety, so I know that it works. I’m excited to see the marijuana dispensary open up in a few months in our town. I think Annie is too. She’s looking into all kinds of different marijuana products to keep stocked in her store.