Annie’s store

My associate Mary  recently decided on a change of career. She’s been doing the same job for ten years, and she  just got tired of operating a flower shop. She is awesome at being a florist, though. She provides flowers for weddings, funerals and many events. I guess after being the owner of a flower shop for ten years, she was ready for a change. I was still surprised when she announced that she’s decided to turn her shop into a marijuana dispensary! Mary has been taking all classes to learn what that she needs to know about marijuana strains, CBD oil, edibles and more. By the time she receivers her cannabis dispensary licensing in the next couple of months, Mary will  be an expert in cannabis! I’m happy for her and her change of career. It will definitely be a learning experience for her. I’m sure once she gets started, she’ll do a great job of running the marijuana dispensary. I am a proponent of the medical and curative powers of marijuana. I have benefited from CBD myself in treating anxiety, so I know that it is helpful. I’m glad to see the marijuana dispensary open up in our local area. I know Mary is looking into all kinds of marijuana products to provide everything customers might need. It will take some time for her to staff her establishment as the workers also need to go through training. The cannabis industry impacts people’s health and quality of life. It’s important that all the employees are knowledgeable and offer proper recommendations.