My favorite dispensaries

The medical marijuana industry is a growing industry.  I have experienced seizures my entire life. They have gotten worse as I have gotten older. A neighbor of mine suggested I try medical marijuana. At first I was skeptical, but the marijuana industry has changed over time.  Use is more accepted and widely sought out by people who struggle with illness and pain. However, when I visited the medical marijuana dispensary, I was confused by the choices. There was a wide variety of strains, extracts, edibles, topicals and a huge selection of cannabis products. I was not sure how I was going to make a wise selection and figure out the products that might work best for me. Thankfully, marijuana dispensaries are staffed with people called budtenders. These employees at the dispensary help people like me pick determine what suits our needs best. The budtender I consulted with was amazing. He was well-versed in every product and the effects of it. The budtender asked a long list of questions and was very helpful in guiding me toward selections. I was surprised he was able to figure out what exactly I needed, the strength of a cannabis product I needed and find the item in the vast inventory. At first I worried the the budtender had ulterior motives and wanted to sell certain strains, but nope, the guy was genuine. He told me that the he knows the products so throughout because of budtender employee education. He completed online budtender training through a specialized company that promotes  excellence in the cannabis education field. I was not aware that budtenders get training.