This dispensary menu is awesome

My neighbor Ted recently decided he wanted a change of career. He has been involved the same industry for several years, and I think he got  weary of operating a flower shop. Ted is a really good florist. He handles the flowers for weddings, funerals, engagements, parties and other events. I believe after being owning of a flower shop for so many years, he was ready for a change. I was completely surprised when he told me that he’d decided to turn his flower shop into a marijuana dispensary. He has been taking all the necessary classes to learn everything he needs to know about marijuana products, CBD oil, edibles and tinctures. By the time he finally gets his marijuana dispensary licensing through the mail, Ted will be an expert at all things regarding cannabis! I’m very happy for him because he’s so excited about his change of job. I think it’s going to be a learning curve for him.  I’m sure that once he gets started, Ted will be successful at running the marijuana dispensary. I am a big supporter of the medical and curative benefits of marijuana. I have used CBD to treat anxiety. I know that it works. I’m excited to see the marijuana dispensary open up in a couple weeks. I know Ted is anxious to get started. He’s looking into all the various types of marijuana products. He’s had needed to go through a lot of paperwork and expense to get licensed to open the dispensary. He’s needed to take training courses, and it’s all be very involved and rather stressful.

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