Delivering medicinal marijuana is definitely rewarding work for me

Mama was a truck driver.

I know it sounds akin to a country song, however it’s true! Most of the time I would stay behind with dad, however when she had to go away on business, or to jail, then every one of us would ride with our mother to wherever she was going, and the two of us would spend whole nights just listening to jazz music, cruising the darkened highways.

Man did I like those times with her! My new task has myself and others driving a lot at night, and I have been thinking about her more than usual… I wonder if she would approve of myself and others delivering legal cannabis for the local dispensary? She admitted to myself and others that she had done some bootlegging back in her early afternoons, and had even run some illegal marijuana shipments across state lines. That was back when she was desperate to pay the bills, however hasn’t messed around with marijuana since then; personally I am proud of what I do, I get to supply medicinal cannabis and CBD products to people who need it, but a lot of our common buyers are older folks, or are legitimately sick with a chronic illness, and this legitimately is medicinal marijuana, but sure, most of the buyers are school dorks or middle seasoned potheads, however this is also a pandemic, so staying indoors and getting your cannabis delivered is smart for everyone. My number one buyers are the ones who absolutely need the cannabis, legit, because they are always so grateful. They don’t tip as much as the recreational marijuana users, but I get something more lavish than money from them.

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