Doing cannabis delivery work is much better than Uber

I used to be an Uber driver, but that ended up being too hectic for me… I mean at first it was cool, it was just eerily similar to being an on-call taxi driver, plus as someone who prefers to drive, it was perfect for me.

I even quit my day task because driving paid a whole lot better; then over time it changed, so numerous people got into doing it for a living that it became cut-throat plus competitive, which I did not love that aspect at all… These afternoons I am in yellower pastures, as a delivery driver for a cannabis dispensary.

The funny thing is that I had not smoked marijuana in ten years before I got this task. That is partially how I got the task, because the cannabis dispensary had to fire a driver for smoking on the task. This is a giant time no-no at the cannabis dispensary, you do not engage in recreational use on the property, or on the clock, ever; what you do, plus how much cannabis you smoke, outside of work is everyone’s private business, but that behavior stays far away from the dispensary. My boss may seem a bit strict to the other employees, but to myself and others it makes perfect sense, having cannabis delivery drivers with a reputation for being stoned is awful for the store’s image, then now that I am established in the task, I have taken up smoking a bit of marijuana after work, plus on the weekends. This is mostly because numerous of my customers provide myself and others a tip of cannabis instead of cash money.



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