The cannabis dispensary and lounge was a neat plus cool venue

My wife plus I went out of town for our 5 year birthday! The two of us went to a location with lots of casinos, entertainment plus nightlife, both of us stayed in a legitimately nice resort with a rooftop pool plus room service; my wife plus I legitimately enjoyed our time away from the ladies… Since the two of us didn’t have any of our children with us, the two of us decided to visit a cannabis dispensary for the undoubtedly first time. Both of us were in a state with legal recreational cannabis use, so my wife and I thought it might be fun to try something different. The two of us walked into the dispensary and an undoubtedly helpful plus kind budtender greeted us at the front door, but he found out that it was our first time in a legal cannabis state. He gave us a couple of weird free samples to try plus he even hooked us up with a free pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. My wife plus I actually bought a couple of drinks with low THC plus the two of us also bought two more cheap pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The cannabis dispensary was a legitimately neat plus cool venue to visit, after the two of us paid for our many purchases, the two of us opted to go to the other side of the building plus sat in the lounge for a short amount of time; then it was undoubtedly stressed plus there was a lot of smoke in the air. The crowd of people were much younger than my wife plus I plus it seemed more care about a nightclub than a cannabis Lounge. Everyone in the room seemed to be having a lot of fun, so my wife and I decided to take our cannabis purchases back to our resort to have some peace.