That’s all I know

My friend Amber has decided she wants a change of career. She’s been doing the same job for twelve years. She has gotten bored with running a flower shop. Amber is good as a florist, and creates beautiful bouquets. She has handled the flowers for anniversaries, funerals, weddings, parties and other events. After running her flower shop for so many years, she has decided that she needs a challenge. I was surprised to hear that she’s working on turning  to her flower shop into a marijuana dispensary. Amber has been participating in the classes to learn everything she needs to know about cannabis products. By the time she is able to achieve her marijuana dispensary licensing and gets through all the paperwork during the next couple of months, Amber will be an expert. She is learning all about marijuana. I’m excited for her. This a change of work will be good for her. I know she is studying and learning everything she can. I’m sure once she gets her business up and running, she’s going to be successful.  The purpose of her marijuana dispensary is to help people. She is an advocate of medical marijuana, and believes strongly in helping people have easy and affordable access to it. Her goal is to provide a natural product that will ease the pain and illness of people suffering from glaucoma, cancers, PTSD, addiction, alzheimer’s and all types of illnesses. She plans to create a safe, secure and welcoming environment, staffed with knowledgeable and friendly people.