This is what the clients want

My buddy Susan decided she wanted a change of job. She’s been doing the same job for quite a few years. I think she got  sick and tired of running a flower shop. She is so good at being a florist. Susan provides the flowers for birthdays, weddings, funerals, anniversary parties and other events. Anyway, I suppose after owning  a flower shop for eighteen years, she just decided she wanted a change. I was a little surprised when she supplied the news that she’s turning her flower shop into a cannabis dispensary! She’s been taking classes to learn everything she needs t about marijuana products, cannabis products, CBD oil, edibles and more. By the time she acquires her cannabis dispensary licensing over the next couple of months, Susan will  be an expert at cannabis! I’m happy for her. Her change of job should turn out to be a good thing. I suppose there will be a learning curve, but I’m sure once she gets started, Susan will be successful. A marijuana dispensary is a great idea, and there’s not another one in our area. I am a believer in the medical & curative powers of marijuana. I have taken advantage of CBD to treat my anxiety. I’m looking forward to the marijuana dispensary opening up in a few weeks. I know Susan is a bit stressed, because there’s so much for her to worry about.  She’s researching all kinds of marijuana products to keep stocked in her store. She wants to have everything her clients might want or need.