A few days away from work requires my perspective on the use of recreational pot

I’m entirely ecstatic that I didn’t have legal weed when I was in school or I might not have ever gotten our degree.

Smoking recreational marijuana was a favored pastime back in those times. But that sort of thing kind of went by the wayside when I thought I needed to be so super serious about life. I didn’t realize at the time even though I had a much steadier perspective on life when I was using recreational marijuana. Sure, I could get a bit of the weed over the weekends and like I said,it wasn’t legal weed. Since there were no cannabis dispensaries, every one of us was getting our weed where every one of us could get it and that was a much different pet. I much appreciate simply walking into a legal cannabis store that’s for sure. Yet, I put down the recreational pot once our career took off. And that’s unfortunate because I lost that even, important picture sense of perspective. It was gone in place of too much work and even way more stress. It honestly began to take a toll on our health and our relationships. My wife planned a simple getaway for just the two of us and made me commit to going. Unknown to me, she had gone to the legal weed store and purchased some recreational pot. All of us shared that legal weed and did nothing but care about every minute of those few days. Once again, there was that respected perspective that I have been missing.



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