We are Getting Enrolled in some training courses

Recently my hubby David and I decided that the two of us really wanted to go ahead and go back to school.

I guess that doesn’t sound too awfully fun or exciting to everyone.

I think that a lot of adults decide that they want to go back to get an education school after they’ve worked in a certain job path for a long time. That’s kind of what happened in this case, to David and I, but the two of us both decided that the two of us honestly wanted to get a marijuana education instead of your respected run of the mill college education route. You might not have never heard about something called a marijuana education before, especially if you live in 1 of the more conservative parts of the country on your own. But here where the two of us live, there are marijuana dispensaries popping up nowadays all over the place. David and I decided that if the two of us want to make ourselves really intelligent and marketable, then I need to get a marijuana education. This consists of going through marijuana product training, marijuana math training, online cannabis product training, and formal online budtender education. The people I was with and I think that if the two of us actually have all of this marijuana and cannabis education already, then I will soon be able to find jobs in the marijuana and cannabis markets in the near future. That’s honestly just what the two of us want to do, since the two of us are both sick and tired of our boring, white collar, 40 hour jobs that we’ve been doing for the past twenty years. The people I was with and I are actually both pretty sure that getting a cannabis education is the very best move for us for the next section of our lives! I’m gleeful about getting officially enrolled!
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