I want to stay right in my department

The last state I lived in only had medical cannabis available I was not able to buy any marijuana without having a medical card.

  • I now live in a state where there are quite a few cannabis dispensaries to choose from.

I have an amazing cannabis dispensary that is near my apartment. I can’t believe how many new types of marijuana they offer. They offer regular deals on the flowers, but just last month, they ran a special on Girl Scout Cookies and I was able to get it for half off. Recently, this same cannabis dispensary has started delivery service. I would have never thought they would be able to deliver marijuana right to my door. Going into the cannabis dispensary is also an amazing trip. I think what makes it so amazing, is their budtenders, or staff. I can only imagine the amount of training these budtenders must receive. They really know their stuff and if I ever have a question about cannabis, the budtender always has the answer for me. I have had the opportunity to go to other cannabis dispensaries, but they don’t really suit me. I have so many dispensaries around me where I can buy my recreational cannabis, but I like this dispensary. The quality of their marijuana is really good and their delivery service is really great. They also have marijuana edible and cannabis oil, and the prices are probably the best I have found. I was really happy to have found this cannabis dispensary. They have provided me with all the service I could want or need, and more.

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