I know these dispensaries will deliver

I have a lot of health issues that keep me from being able to leave my house.

I am often in so much pain, that I don’t even want to get out of bed. You can only imagine how amazing it was, to be able to find a cannabis dispensary that was not just close to where I live, but it also offered delivery service to my area. I didn’t even know that cannabis dispensaries were able to deliver. Every week, the cannabis dispensary offers new products for me to choose from. My normal go to for cannabis, is the oil. I have found that the cannabis oil works the best for and it seems to treat all of my health issues. I also find that cannabis oil work faster for me. I tried pot brownies and other edibles, from different dispensaries, but nothing compared to the cannabis oil that I am now using. I discovered OG Kush, which has become my favorite type of marijuana. Normally, they will have the OG Kush in stock. However, there are times when the OG Kush in no longer in stock and then I switch to Girl Scout Cookies. I love the names they give to the marijuana, because it just makes the marijuana so much more fun. To be honest, they could call them Dixie Cups or Donald Duck and I would still be purchasing the marijuana. So long as the marijuana continues to help me with all I suffer from, I plan on continuing to purchase from this dispensary. The fact that they now do deliveries, now makes it so much better.

Girl scout cookies