Looking into the legality of cannabis

There can be a lot of confusion on the issue of medical marijuana versus recreational marijuana.

I’m sure that if you are new to marijuana products, it can be a bit overwhelming when you think about it.

The main difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, is the legality of it. Many states now offer medical marijuana as an alternative to traditional pain relievers and other medications. With medical marijuana, you need to have a state issued medical card to present to the cannabis dispensary to get your marijuana. In some states, you can’t even go into the cannabis dispensary, if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. There is no difference between marijuana that is issued for medical purposes, than the marijuana that is issued for recreational use. There are few states that have legalized recreational marijuana. You can not go into a cannabis dispensary and purchase marijuana unless you have the medical card. This can be very upsetting and it seems a bit preferential, but more states are trying to legalize recreational marijuana use. Where there is both recreational and medical marijuana laws, you may still see both types of cannabis dispensaries. It can be confusing and difficult to understand, but knowing that all marijuana is the same, other than the legality, is the main gist of the subject. Even if you are a user of marijuana, it can be confusing to comprehend. You can always go into a cannabis dispensary and ask questions if you are unsure. There are many online cannabis dispensary websites that you can go to and have most of your questions answered by knowledgeable budtenders.