These pot brownies are so tasty

Owning a cannabis dispensary is a big responsibility and you should know how important it is to have a knowledgeable staff.

It is very important to make sure all budtenders at your dispensary learn everything they can, before distributing the products. Even when you just receive new products, you need to train the staff about the marijuana and teach the benefits and the side effects of each new type of marijuana. Before I owned my own cannabis dispensary, I made sure to go visit several other cannabis dispensaries. I was surprised at how untrained most the staff were in these dispensaries. A friend of mine went in to purchase pot brownies. He asked if the brownies were going to be mild or strong. The budtender told him they would have a mild reaction. I was really surprised at this answer because the pot brownies were made from OG Kush. OG Kush is known to deliver a punch when it is put into pot brownies. It is very important to be able to talk to people about how the marijuana is going to affect them. If the budtenders are improperly trained, there is no way they can do justice with the customers and their questions. I would suggest you have pamphlets to let your customer know what to expect when they purchase new products, even before they use them. Your customers will benefit from the training you give to your budtenders so they can tell people what to expect from the marijuana and how to not consume too much.

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