Why I like my cannabis

Everyone thinks I am a bit pompous for thinking my cannabis dispensary is the best.

  • I did get presented the Best Cannabis Dispensary award, for my area, but that isn’t why I like it best.

I like my cannabis dispensary because of my budtenders. My staff is the best trained staff of any cannabis dispensary I have been to. I put them through rigorous training even before they are hired. The budtenders need to attend classes either online, or in a classroom, to learn how to be a budtender and what it means. Once the budtender is hired, they continue to get regular training the entire time they work for me. Whenever I bring new product into the dispensary, I make them go through a class to learn all about that product. I want them to be able to tell the customer about the product. They need to know how the marijuana product will affect them and if it is right for what they want to achieve from the marijuana product. They also need to be able to tell the customer how much of the product to use so they don’t accidentally use too much. Before I opened my cannabis dispensary, I took a lot of online classes to figure out what I was going to do and how to do it. It seemed the more information I found, the more I wanted to find. I feel my staff needs to know as much about the marijuana products as I know. I want my cannabis dispensary to succeed and to do so, I need to make sure everyone has good training.

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