My buddy who never smoked cannabis loved the cannabis dispensary

I absolutely love going to different cannabis dispensaries in my area.

One time I brought a buddy of mine who knew nothing about smoking cannabis.

He had all kinds of questions which was a good thing. You really have to know that there is no question that is too silly to ask the budtenders. He was asking things like, “How do I know when I’m high” and how long does it take to feel “high”. The budtender was great because he answered all the questions with absolute patience and he was very thorough with his knowledge about all the cannabis products. I was kind of surprised because after we spoke to the budtender about all my buddy’s questions and concerns, he was actually interested in trying out CBD. He said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to get the “high” feeling just yet, but he loved the sound of the benefits of the CBD oil, especially relieving his sore muscles after a strenuous workout. I knew my buddy would definitely try out the cannabis products with THC when he felt comfortable. I was happy when I heard how happy my friend was with the CBD oil though. He said he definitely wanted to keep going back to the cannabis dispensary to try out their other types of products. He seemed to be especially interested in the CBD edibles and he said eventually he wanted to try the THC products. I told him that if he wanted to try the THC edibles, he better start small because they could be really powerful.


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