You need to check what forms of payment cannabis dispensaries take

Because the legalization of cannabis on a recreational level is relatively new, a lot of cannabis dispensaries don’t accept all forms of payment.

It is very important if you are going to purchase cannabis products that you know what forms of payment the cannabis dispensary accepts. A majority of cannabis dispensaries have no choice but to deal in cash only because a lot of banks will not work with cannabis dispensaries. While this does seem to be entirely ridiculous, cannabis is technically still illegal on the federal level even if it has been legalized in the states. The legalization movement has been improving things and there are many cannabis dispensaries that are able to use certain loopholes that allow them to take other forms of payment other than cash. Just be sure to check ahead of time before you go to your local cannabis dispensary. You certainly don’t want to get a bunch of products and then end up finding that you can’t use your credit card to make your purchase, especially if you don’t have any cash on you. In time when people fully come to their senses, I’m sure that most banks will finally work with the cannabis industry. I truly hope that people will wake up and see the wonderful benefits of the cannabis plant. Did you know that there are 0 known overdoses from using cannabis alone, yet roughly 88,000 people die each year in the US from drinking alcohol? I think it’s fairly easy to see that cannabis is safer than alcohol, yet alcohol is legal all over the place. Not only that but you can buy unlimited quantities of alcohol, yet with cannabis you are limited to how much you can buy in legal markets.


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