Stumbled into an unknown marijuana farm

My best friend and I grew up together, and we knew each other for 10 years when we graduated.

We decided to take a long trip over the summer, before both of us went away to different colleges.

Danny and I were set for an adventure, but we had no idea what was in store for both of us. We decided to hike in the mountains, a few miles away from the nearest Ranger Station. Danny and I had compasses, hiking boots, gear, and plenty of water for several days. We weren’t worried about getting lost, so we took our time on the hike. Around nightfall, Danny and I decided to take out the tent and make a camp for the evening. We were starting to build a fire, when we heard voices in the distance. It was strange to hear so many loud voices in one area. Danny and I decided to explore the area and the noises. After a 3/4 mile hike, Danny and I realized that we hiked right into the middle of an illegal marijuana farm. The marijuana farm was a huge operation, and they had three large fields of marijuana plants. They even had irrigation equipment in the fields. We could tell that we were in danger, so Danny and I decided to turn around and hike out of the woods. It was almost pitch black outside, but we didn’t stop walking for hours. I don’t know if the ranger station knew the marijuana farm was out in the woods, but it wasn’t difficult for us to stumble upon their operation.

Marijuana growth