Different cycles of the marijuana grow process

In order to understand exactly how the marijuana grow process works, it’s important to understand each important stage of development.

During the germination process, the seed sprouts up and begins to find its first roots. This process can take up to seven days, but heat, water, and soil can speed the process. When the marijuana seed opens, the route can anchor to the soil and start to grow. A lot of people use peat pellets or paper cups to germinate seeds. Other simply sprout the seeds on a wet paper towel. It’s expensive and not time-consuming. The seedling phase lasts from two to four weeks, and this is the most vulnerable stage for the plant. From germination all the way to cultivation, the seedling phase is the most important part of the cycle. Most marijuana growers choose fluorescent lighting and specialty heat lamps to help with the seedling phase. The vegetative stage can last a month or two, and this is the time when your marijuana plant will produce vibrant green leaves and grow in height. By now, you can tell if the plant is male or female. During this stage, most marijuana growers use at least 18 hours of light. This helps the plant grow big and strong. During the pre flowering phase, the plants can double in size. After that, there’s nothing left but the flowering phase. When you start to see flowers, then you are almost to the finish line. Not many novices can grow marijuana, but the results can be very satisfying. If you use marijuana or cannabis, then you can save a lot of money growing your own plants.


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