Why did I quit that great job?

Sometimes I make awful decisions, especially when I’m really mad.

  • Last week, I asked for Tuesday off work.

I wanted to go to an appointment with my girlfriend, so I could see the sonogram. Unfortunately, we’re right in the middle of harvest season at the marijuana farm. My boss didn’t want me to leave on Tuesday, and he wanted my girlfriend to reschedule the appointment for the following week. I thought the request was ridiculous, and I told my boss that he was being unreasonable. He told me that I would be fired, if I didn’t come to work on Tuesday. I showed up for the marijuana harvest on Monday, and we trimmed and cut almost 350 lb of marijuana. I knew Tuesday would be equally busy, but I wanted to be with my girlfriend. When I returned to work on Wednesday, we harvested an additional 350 lb of marijuana. At the end of the day, my boss pulled me into the office and asked me to explain my absence on Tuesday. I knew he didn’t want any excuses, so I told him the truth. I knew he couldn’t fire me for attending a doctor’s appointment, but I didn’t think he would be so vindictive. He transferred me to a different marijuana farm that is almost 2 hours away from my home. The only way I can work is to commute or stay in the country all week. I’m really ticked off at my boss, but I guess I should have gone to work on Tuesday. I didn’t think he would push the issue, but I didn’t think he would transfer me somewhere else either.

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