Getting CBD for my worries

For so many years, I haven’t had a superb grip on my mental health.

I’m not a crazy person, but I do have crazy anxiety.

It’s a symptom that came riding along with my long history of complex trauma, so in reality, I have a whole parade of fun mental illnesses Maying through neighborhood on any given day. These afternoons I’m able to manage my symptoms pretty effectively through a series of practices that keep me balanced, and a healthy dose of CBD! Don’t get me wrong, I tried all sorts of medicines before. I’ve been on every prescription anxiety reducer plus antidepressant. I’ve been to so many therapists, I could write a book about the worst of the mental health profession. Nothing has helped me the way that CBD oil has. To be clear, I don’t usually take the natural medical product as an oil. I’ve found that to be way less fun that browsing through the assortment of gummies, cookies, plus other treats that are widely available online from natural health stores, however every day is a fun new experiment with a new CBD treat, plus every day I’m excited about the results, and when the natural product is produced officially, you’ll experience a sense of calm plus focus similar to the relaxed feelings achieved with traditional cannabis usage. The difference is, instead of getting ditzy plus hungry, I only know the relaxation plus focused attention. That means I can use CBD in any form almost somewhere plus still know confident plus anxiety-free. Truly, this stuff has been a game changer for managing my mental health.

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