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I’ve regularly wondered why so many people are afraid of cannabis these afternoons.

I mean, I understand that it was vilified back in the day plus turned into a public enemy, but that was so long ago.

The information has been widely available for years that cannabis was criminalized as an effort to tear down the hemp market on behalf of the paper industry… so why has it taken almost everyone so long to catch up with their outdated opinions? I personally started using cannabis for the purpose of sleeping at night. My insomnia was regularly out of control, plus only ramped up with stress. In turn, I got stressed out about not being able to sleep. You can see the dilemma. Cannabis was a way for me to relax at night, turn off my racing thoughts, plus tone down my chronic pain. However, I’ve regularly been afraid to tell people how life decreasing the substance is, because of the negative stigma. These afternoons, on the other hand, I’m shouting my treatment of choice from the mountain tops. What’s so different, you ask? Well, it’s CBD, not cannabis. For whatever reason, there is a major difference in people’s minds even though 1 is derived from the other. CBD comes from the cannabis plant. The thing is, CBD has nothing to do with the psychotropic effects that are acquaintanced with the substance. In fact, those “high” feelings are caused by THC – the demonized compound in cannabis. I understand that there is a difference – but frankly, I’m surprised that the general public is so accepting of CBD after all these years of battling cannabis!


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