Finding water soluble CBD at dispensary

I now buy water soluble CBD from the dispensary and mix it into just about everything

I’ve been visiting a local cannabis dispensary and relying on CBD oil for my various ailments for quite some time. I’m not a fan of the taste of CBD oil and have always wanted to hide it in my morning coffee or my lunchtime smoothie. Unfortunately CBD oil does not mix with water. No matter how much I stir it or shake the, the CBD oil separates from the water. Just like other types of oils that enter the bloodstream, CBD rapidly disperses away from the bloodstream and ends up collecting in fatty tissue. This quality reduces the bioavailability of CBD oil. I was very excited when I recently stopped by the dispensary and my budtender told me about water soluble CBD. There is a new method that effectively transforms the CBD oil into a water soluble CBD nanoemulsion. An emulsion is the mixing of extremely tiny droplets into another liquid in which isn’t normally soluble. Nanoemulsion technology is being utilized in medicine as a superior drug delivery system. Turning CBD oil into a nanoemulsion allows it to be mixed with water or any beverage. The particles are so tiny that even though the CBD oil is ingested orally, the particles don’t need to be broken down by the stomach before entering the bloodstream. The bioavailability of water soluble CBD is almost 100%. While CBD oil takes around fifteen to thirty minutes to provide affects, the water soluble alternative shows results in under four minutes. I now buy water soluble CBD from the dispensary and mix it into just about everything. I add to pasta sauce, soup, chili and all sorts of beverages.


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