Looking at different delivery methods available at dispensary

When I first started shopping at my local cannabis dispensary, I knew very little about consumption methods. I assumed that smoking it was my only option. I quickly learned that there are all sorts of different delivery methods. Fortunately, my dispensary has a wonderful staff of budtenders who are more than willing to share their knowledge and assistance. They have helped me to understand and experiment with options for consumption. I’ve learned that each method provides a unique experience and rewards. From my budtenders, I learned that there are three basic delivery methods, including inhalation, oral and topical. However, there are all sorts of techniques that fall within those categories. Because the dispensary offers such a wide selection, I’ve been able to try most of them. With inhalation, the cannabis enters the lungs before being absorbed into the bloodstream. Smoking cannabis is probably the most common method. There are lots of devices, such as hand pipes, water pipes, rolling papers and hookahs that influence the experience and grade of smoke inhaled. I was much more interested in oral delivery methods. The dispensary carries tinctures in different flavors, such as spearmint and grape. Tinctures are a liquid cannabis extract that is fast-acting and placed under the tongue. It’s absorbed into the body rather than swallowed and digested. Ingestible oils can either be eaten or packaged in easily-ingested capsules. Edibles are any food that contains cannabis. They have longer onsets and typically cause powerful psychoactive effects. Edibles are most often made with infused butter or olive oil. Most people are familiar with cannabis infused brownies, but there is a very diverse list of options available at most dispensaries.



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