Cannabis beverages

There is a wide and wonderful world of cannabis edibles available on the shelves of local dispensaries.

  • Where there was once simply pot brownies and some gummies, the market has exploded with options.

Despite very strict restrictions and rules for compliances, manufacturers have still managed to come up with edible innovations. There are white, dark and milk chocolate bars, hard candies, mints, cookies and cooking oils. There are pasta sauces and granola infused with cannabis. One of the latest developments that is quickly gaining popularity is cannabis-infused beverages. Because cannabinoids don’t dissolve in water, there was a time when cannabis-infused drinks were chunky, grainy and had the consistency of spoiled milk. They also tasted awful. However, developments in cannabis synthetics have led to smooth beverages. Flavors are now added to offer drinks taste like passion fruit, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, grape and cola. There are even non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beers. Seltzer, classic soda, iced tea, root beer and drink mixes are some of the varieties. There is truly something to satisfy every taste. These beverages are available in hybrid, indica and sativa strains, as well as pure CBD, with a wide range of potency. While typical edibles can take hours for the full effects to be felt, the full effects of a beverage is felt in about fifteen minutes. This is because of sublingual absorption of the cannabinoids. Consumption is extremely easy and convenient and dosing is precise. The amount of THC and CBD is included right on the label. Beverages also avoid the smells, smoke and gear associated with inhalation methods.



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