Managing my pain

I suffer from diverticulitis which is the inflammation of the diverticulum.

It causes myself and others serious pain as well as discomfort.

I recently l gained that I can take CBD for this condition, so I have been taking CBD drops every afternoon as well as at night. I find that this CBD has been helping myself and others a good deal with our pain. Before I have tried all other kinds of things as well as it didn’t seem to help nearly as much as the CBD. This has made myself and others more curious about the cannabis plant from which CBD comes from. I have heard people say that there are good benefits for using both THC as well as CBD. I also have pretty poor asthma as well as somebody was telling myself and others that in order to get some relief from asthma, I would also have to take THC for that. So I decided to go to the cannabis dispensary as well as see what they had. The people there were truly helpful as well as were able to find a nice strain of cannabis that could help myself and others with our asthma concerns. I was truly surprised at how well the identifiable strain of cannabis worked for me. Perhaps this won’t work for everybody when dealing with asthma concerns, however it has actually improved our quality of life a good deal. I easily know it’s because the budtenders at the cannabis dispensary were so know-howable about the different strains. It’s all about finding the right strain for you, this is why they ask you all kinds of questions to help determine what will work best for you. I might even try out some edibles so I don’t have to smoke cannabis.


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