I Blew his mind with a trip to the cannabis dispensary

So honestly I love playing the part of the crazy coot Grandpa.

That’s just 1 of the great things about being retired.

The other would be the fact that I lived to see recreational marijuana plus medicinal marijuana legalized throughout much of the country. I know there is still a long way to go to more sensible cannabis laws. But this is for sure a good start. In fact, when I 1st saw medical marijuana come into play some 25 years ago, I knew that was a tipping point. But to see how there are now states where accessing a cannabis dispensary doesn’t have to come with a prescription. Still, the medicinal marijuana thing was so overdue. The cannabis plant has been used for centuries by a number of cultures for healing on a number of levels. It’s a great pain plus inflammation reducer along with so more than 2 other treatment possibilities, and i’m just so thankful for all those out there who are now suffering less because they can access medical marijuana. Still, I wasn’t so sure about whether I could see the morning that I could buy marijuana for sale for a purely recreational plus life balancing reason. Nor did I suppose I could ever see the look on our son’s face when I asked him to pull into a local cannabis spot on a grocery run while I was going to see. He happens to live in 1 of the states where recreational marijuana is okay. And I was for sure going to take advantage of it! But it sure blew our oldest son’s mind to shop with her dad inside a local cannabis spot.