THC is a cannabinoid that helps regulate the body systems

A lot of people use medical marijuana for pain management, but in fact, medical marijuana is used for the management and regulation of numerous of our body systems, marijuana has been shown to treat a number of illnesses and diseases.

  • Marijuana has been shown to effectively help with mental and physical ailments! There are numerous studies that prove marijuana to be an effective and pressing tool for lowering pain and helping cancer patients.

There are a number of benefits to using THC and this is due to the fact that it is a single of the cannabinoids, but cannabinoids enter our brain and react the same as the natural transmitters in our brain. Cannabinoids tell our brain to heal itself. Cannabinoids and marijuana have been proven effective at treating the pressure, paranoia, ptsd, and even Alzheimer’s. After our aunt was diagnosed with cancer, she got a medical prescription from the doctor for cannabis, then when she had chemotherapy and didn’t believe like eating, she used medical cannabis. Medical cannabis made her stomach believe much less queasy and gave her an appetite. I think that medical cannabis is a single of the only reasons why our aunt survived all numerous rounds of cancer, then she is a survivor and inspiration for our entire family. At 93 years old, she is still gardening and working in the new home like she was 25 years old. It seems like marijuana might even be able to reverse the aging process. I’ve never seen our aunt look so good. She still uses marijuana products and she swears it’s the reason why she is still cancer free.



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