You must start out with good genetics when growing cannabis plants

When you decide to grow cannabis plants, it’s extremely important to start with good genetics.

A good idea is to go with local experienced cannabis growers because they will have great strains that are suitable for your local climate.

They will know from experience what works best in the local climate. You will generally want to look for good strains that are resistant to pests, are able to grow and mature quickly, have a high potency and have a pleasant aroma. The best kind of strains would probably be hybrids of indica and sativa. Sativa strains are mainly grown outdoors because of their need for a great deal of light. Indica can be easily grown indoors because it doesn’t require nearly as much light. The hydrids of the two are great because you can get Sativa characteristics and easily grow the plants indoors with your own grow lights. You’ll find that Indica strains will give you a tired type of “high” as opposed the indica strains that give you a ton of energy. It’s great to find a good strain that has a good balance of these different characteristics. Of course, all of the characteristics have their own medicinal qualities. Some people are looking for the strains that help them get rest and recover from various ailments. Some people need something that gives them a ton of energy that is safe and uplifting. You can generally tell if a plant is Indica or Sativa based on the leaves. The Sativa leaves are very narrow and Indica leaves are very wide and broad. Hybrids are in between. As far as seeds go, you should look for ones that are dark brown or light grey, and many seeds have lines that look kind of like tiger stripes. These are healthy seeds. White little seeds are not good and should not be planted.

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