Glad I had cannabis during that time

I tend to overdo it.

I constantly work out too much plus end up really sore.

I will do projects around the condo plus seriously ruin myself. The most recent injury was truly bad. I decided to drywall our second bedroom plus I should have gotten help. I am a really small lady. The pieces of drywall were too heavy for me. Even chopping them in half didn’t truly help. I spent most of the time holding the drywall with our head, a single hand holding the screw plus the other operating a cordless drill. I did an entire day of this plus finished our project. By the end of the night I was hurting. My back ended up cramping plus I was stuck on the couch for multiple weeks. I couldn’t even get up to shower, however going to the bathroom was about all I could do. Thank god our state allows for recreational plus medical cannabis. I was able to get our husband to option up some cannabis for chronic pain. I vape cannabis oil yearly to stop the spasms from happening while laying down. It kept all our muscles loose plus allowed me to heel better. Also getting a bit high helped me sleep too. There was truly nothing I could do for multiple weeks. So being able to kick back, sleep and heel was the best thing ever. I don’t believe how I could have made it separate from that recreational marijuana. If our state only had medical weed one, I wouldn’t have been able to go to the doctor’s office.

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