I like being a cannabis delivery driver

My husband is a big time career oriented person. He makes lots of money but has tons of stress. For me, I look at my way as healthier. No, I can’t buy what I want, but I don’t have high blood pressure. When we want to go on vacation it is always tough for my husband to take off from work. He is stressed the whole time he is away too. I like that I have a low stress job. I have a job where I work totally online. I do that about three days a week. The other two days a week I do cannabis delivery. I work for a medical marijuana dispensary and I drive the products door to door. I like my job a lot. I crank the music in my car, get some snacks and just enjoy the scenery. A lot of my people are repeat customers. I know where they want me to put their stuff and some people I chat with every week or month. It is nice getting out and talking to people. Nobody is in a bad mood when I deliver cannabis products either. I either GPS, read what product goes to who and drop it off. There, simple and done. I make a pretty good wage doing what I do as well. During the holidays I make quite a bit of extra money too. I typically pick up some extra shifts because it is so lucrative. My husband sits in his office 8 hours a day and is stressed to the max. I am everywhere and totally relaxed. Yes, I do make half of what he makes but it is worth it.


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