Amazed by the healing power of cannabis

All my life, I’ve searched for any edge on the competition. So it’s sort of ironic that I got an edge but it is the softest edge I’ve ever encountered. I’m talking about cannabis plus cannabis products. It came as such a divine revelation to receive the benefits I get from using marijuana. Luckily for me, I don’t have to have a legal medical marijuana prescription card to get these health benefits. Instead, all I have to do is stroll into the local cannabis spot. This is because recreational marijuana was legalized in our home state. Thankfully, after so many years of effort, both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are now widely available to consenting adults. I had used a little sativa plus indica in the past however not unquestionably often. Random Drug testing at my locale of work put a big damper on all of that. While I would never use cannabis products during entirely working hours, the random drug test could still option up traces weeks later. But what I found to be so compelling when I started using both sativa strains plus indica strains together was the restorative power of using weed. From lessening the inflammation in my body to helping me add a deeper range of motion, sativa plus indica have given me a tremendous edge. But as I said, it’s a softer, more holistic edge that brings me peace plus comfort. This is something I tend to value much more than getting a leg up on the competition now that I’m approaching the end of my working life. Plus, I am just a better person with a much better perspective thanks to the wonderful, restorative powers of marijuana.

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