Getting healthier air with some help from the HVAC company

Who knew about indoor air quality? That’s exactly the way I felt when I first time I fully understood just how important indoor air quality is to our health.

Now I think of air pollution, I certainly don’t think about the inside of my house.

Of course, that is something that very much exists but that’s outside in my mind. I had no idea that the HVAC equipment is integral when it comes to good indoor air quality. My thinking was the air pollution stayed outside the house so I didn’t need to be concerned. Of course, the outdoor air comes inside. There are plenty of other airborne contaminants to deal with as well. The carpet, the furniture and all sorts of other things release chemicals into our indoor air. Then, there are pets and pollen and a host of other things that challenge our respiratory system. I found that we can be proactive regarding the indoor air quality without too much trouble or cost. The first thing I did was to call the HVAC company to schedule ductwork cleaning and ductwork ceiling. That’s a great start as most of us have incredibly dirty ductwork. I know ours had never been cleaned. When the HVAC professionals finished up, I went to the hardware store where I picked up a HEPA filter. I can hardly believe the difference this has made in the indoor air quality of our home. I’m glad to have the HEPA filter as it removes 99% of all indoor air contaminants. And this sure won’t be the last time that I get the ductwork cleaning done as those HVAC professionals were awesome.


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