These cannabis edibles are a far cry from the pot brownies of our youth

I recall the first time our roommate Sam and I tried to make pot brownies.

To be honest, I was against the whole thing, and just getting ahold of fine cannabis products was so hard.

So dumping an entire bin of truly fantastic sativa strains into a bunch of brownie mix wasn’t something I ever wanted to try. But even to this day, some thirty years later, I can still see all that fantastic sativa product going into the cheap brownie mix. Of course, Sam and I had entirely no system what the people I was with and I were doing when it came to making cannabis edibles. So Sam and I did in fact waste all that fantastic weed on brownies that tasted like lawn clippings from the yard. Sam was so stupid that the people I was with and I just chucked the marijuana into the brownie mix and that was it. To make a truly great, effective pot brownie, one needs to infuse the marijuana into the oil or the butter of the brownie mix. This finer point would have come in handy back in the day. These afternoons, all I have to do to get truly high quality edibles is to stroll down to the local cannabis spot. There is a nice cannabis dispensary that is just right around the corner from where Sam and I live. I’m so thankful that recreational marijuana is legal here. And I’m so thankful that the cannabis edibles available in our local cannabis spot are so spot on. I normally only have to take a tiny nibble of an edible to enjoy a nice even and unbelievable day out in nature. Sure beats what Sam and I did back in college.

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