The marijuana industry helps countless generational farmers

I am not sure if you understand the impact that modern life is having on families that happen to be generational farmers.

The growing population, development of farmlands, and cost of raising crops is putting all kinds of people out of business.

Even the changes in the environment such as more intense storms is having a grave impact on their livelihoods. In order to stay relevant all types of farmers are turning to modern innovations and modern crops to make a living for their future families. Whether it is the use of solar power to cut back on costs, modern machinery to make the jobs a great deal easier, or modern crops, they do what they can to make ends meet. It all comes down to the old school saying of “work smarter, not harder”. If the task can be accomplished with updated machines to cut labor costs it makes sense to make the investment. If you are a farm that largely produced a product that is no longer in high demand or has a limited value on the market, you may want to look into something a great deal more lucrative. This is where the growing interest in marijuana farms comes in, you may be astonished by the number of sizable farms that have been converted to greenhouse farming to produce medical and recreational marijuana alike. This is able to benefit the farmer in various ways. They are able to sell off excess land that is no longer being used to homeowners or developers. They can produce a product in half the space and do it year round. They can even use solar energy to maintain an environment in which the product is grown! All of this makes a good amount of sense to even the oldest of farming families.



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