I certainly enjoy visiting our many local Cannabis Dispensaries

One of my #1 sites I like to go to is the Cannabis Dispensaries in town.

  • The people I was with and I now have numerous places, and I like going to different 1s to see the different products they offer.

There is a cool Cannabis Dispensary that even has a small arcade where the clients can play a lot of games while they wait to consult with a Budtender. Of course, no children are ever allowed into the Cannabis Dispensaries as a matter of the law, so those games are targeted towards the older crowds of people. They even have many classic games enjoy Donkey Kong which I enjoy playing, especially when I’m super stoned! This unique Cannabis Dispensary is wonderful for that fact also, they have a lounge for smokers where clients are allowed to sample different products. The thing is, if you are using the Cannabis products in the lounge, you must have a designated driver because drugged driving is never acceptable here in our state! Even though most marijuana smokers guess that they drive more cautiously when high, you certainly never figure it out with people so it could be dangerous if there were a lot of people driving that way. I know it’s certainly a wonderful thing that they don’t allow people to do that, because honestly, I wouldn’t feel as safe on the road. Another charming thing about the Cannabis Dispensary is that the two of us are allowed to handle, smell and examine the flowers that the two of us are buying. As long as you don’t touch any of the Cannabis flowers, you are alright. Some of my number one strains of Cannabis happen to be the Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel.


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