I’m a lot happier these days because I actually love my job

I always thought that it would be impossible to find an actual career that I enjoyed.

I have read that the happiest people in life are the ones who find a job they love, but all the jobs I looked into didn’t involve doing things that I actually loved.

That was until recreational Cannabis was legalized in our state. When this happened, all kinds of Cannabis Dispensaries started to open up. I always enjoyed Cannabis, but I was never able to purchase it legally from Cannabis Dispensaries before. I always thought that was a shame, and it’s great that finally something has been done about it. It never was fair in my opinion for people not to be able to use Cannabis just because they enjoyed it so much. We had medical Cannabis available, but you had to meet strict requirements in order to get a medical Cannabis card which I thought was nuts. When recreational Cannabis became available though, we were now able to go into these Cannabis Dispensaries anytime and get whatever Cannabis products we desired. The really cool thing to me was the chance at being able to work at one of these places. I realized that there was nothing I would love more than to work in the Cannabis Industry. I thought it was absolutely amazing how much money different states were making by legalizing recreational Cannabis. I thought this was my golden opportunity to get a job that I actually loved. So I decided to take a budtender training course and learned all kinds of things about all the various Cannabis products. Even though I thought I knew a lot about Cannabis, I realized that I didn’t even know all that much. Now I have a full-time position working at a Cannabis Dispensary and I absolutely love it!


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