It’s so wonderful working in a thriving Cannabis Industry

It’s funny, I actually met my wife at a rally for Cannabis Legalization.

You know they say that couples who use Cannabis are much happier than couples who don’t use Cannabis.

For me, it’s easy to see why that is. It’s because Cannabis actually helps you to become a happier person in general and in a relationship, you feel there’s really no need to argue about nonsense. The fact that I met this beautiful young woman who loved Cannabis as much as I did, made me realize that this woman was perfect for me. You better believe I asked her out and it was like destiny for the two of us to be together. We got along perfectly and we both knew about the truth of the benefits of Cannabis. We talked about all kinds of things with how Cannabis needed to be made legal for the benefit of all the people, and how the medicine was so powerful and good for so many ailments. We thought it was such a shame that the government even made it illegal in the first place. Also, we even discussed how it was so unfair that mainly people of color were targeted for their use of Cannabis and put into the jails. The mandatory minimum laws in some states are so severe, some people get put in prison for life just for using Cannabis! These laws are entirely unjust and we always believed that all of this needed to change. Eventually, we moved to a state where Cannabis was finally made legal. We were some of the first people to start working in the Cannabis Dispensaries. We’ve worked in multiple Cannabis Dispensaries because of our passion and knowledge about this miraculous plant. It’s so wonderful being able to work in a thriving Cannabis Industry.



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