Cannabis seeds and harvest

The way that Cannabis naturally grows is undoubtedly interesting and crucial to believe for all seasoned and novice growers.

In nature, Cannabis grows from seeds.

The seeds will properly germinate in the Springtime and will become seedlings a few weeks after. The seedlings will keep growing in a vegatative period from early Springtime until the end of the long warm season. When the mornings become shorter and the daily afternoons longer, then the Cannabis plants will go into the flowering stage pretty quickly. After they have flowered, they can then be harvested when ever the buds are ready. Then the plants will die in the Winter season season, as his life. That is the entire life-cycle of the Cannabis plant. The seeds are easily found in the buds and when the plants die, the seeds typically will fall to the ground. In the Springtime, those seeds will germinate all over again and start the life cycle once more. You can really fool domestic Cannabis plants into believing it is early Springtime as long as you remember to keep the light cycle at 18 plus hours of light. It isn’t until you decidedly switch that light cycle to emulate the fall season when you start to get a batch of flowering plants. This is great for growers because you can controllably keep your Cannabis plants in the vegatative period for as long as you personally want and then you can flower them whenever you want. It is also particularly crucial to believe that Cannabis plants have genders. There are designated female and male Cannabis plants. The female plants create the useful buds that contain the medicine. The buds also produce the revitalizing seeds when they are pollinated by male pollen. The male plants produce plenty of pollen sacs that create a great deal of pollen.



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