I don't take this lightly

I have heard of cannabis growing machines, but honestly, I find that those are way too expensive.

I care about going the old college route but I’m familiar with plus using a nice sized grow tent for our needs. This way I find that I am able to supply the right amount of humidity, CO2, air flow, plus daily fresh ventilation. I don’t need a unit to do all of that stuff for me! I particularly also care about to breathe on our plants plus send warm and affectionate thoughts to them. I find this helps them to do better plus I get higher quality bud during Harvest. Some people might think that is a bunch of nonsense, but I don’t care, in fact I swear by it. Anyway, as long as you give your cannabis plants with every single thing they need including excellent fertilizer, plenty of fresh flowing oxygen in the soil plus aerated water, they will certainly do well. One other important thing to always be careful about is to not accidentally give your cannabis plants too much fertilizer, that can cause them to have all sorts of assorted complications including nutrient burn. It really is difficult plus extremely sad when you have plants that are mangled plus it could have been avoided with a little more care. There are not several things I care about more than growing cannabis plants, so I really am living the dream with a proper cannabis growing license. Because I have this growing license, I currently am able to sell our cannabis flowers to the local dispensaries. Not to brag, but a lot of people say that I have some of the best cannabis flowers they have ever tried and their entire lives. I certainly have a lot of pride in our cannabis grows.


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