Attending a training seminar for new job

I interviewed for a job at the medical cannabis dispensary.

I didn’t know if they would hire someone without experience, but the job at the medical cannabis dispensary seemed like fun.

I filled out an application online and got called for an interview two weeks later. I interviewed with the manager first. We talked for 10 or 15 minutes. Everything seemed to go well, but she told me that she would call the next day. I was scheduled for a second interview with the area manager the following week. During that interview, I was hired for a sales position at the medical cannabis dispensary. I have to attend a job training seminar next Saturday. The seminar is supposed to last all day. The manager told me that they would provide lunch, snacks, and drinks. Employees normally complete the cannabis products and sales training class online, but they hired several new people at the same time. They decided to schedule a class at the cannabis dispensary for all of the employees. I’m looking forward to learning more about the medical cannabis industry. The cannabis products and sales training class is going to teach me everything that I need to know about medical and recreational cannabis laws, and sales. My best friend Kathy got a job there too, and she is scheduled to attend the same training seminar. I’m not looking forward to losing a whole Saturday to job training, but I guess I should get used to having no life now. Once I start working full time, I won’t have any time for friends, the beach, or a busy social life.

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