People camped out by the medical marijuana facility for weeks

Medical marijuana has been legal in this state for almost a full year.

Still, the medical marijuana dispensaries are just now starting to pop up.

The first medical marijuana facility opened in the capital city. Then two more after that in a neighboring city. Over the last few months, several have been sprouting up close to home. My sleepy little town was up in arms when a medical marijuana dispensary opened up on the outside of town. Since the property is technically on the county line, the town council had no say in the matter. That doesn’t stop the townsfolk from protesting outside the building every single day. Some people are camping outside in the field across the street, so they can get bright and early to picket the company. They have large signs protesting the use of these illicit drugs. They yell and rant all day and bother every person that enters and exits the building. Personally, I don’t have any problem with a medical marijuana dispensary in our neighborhood. After all, you have to be seen by a doctor in order to receive a prescription. There is a list of approved uses for medical marijuana. If your medical problem can be helped by the use of marijuana, then the doctor can prescribe it as a treatment program. That person is then placed on a registry so they can purchase medical marijuana from an approved dispensary. I think there are a lot of ways that marijuana and THC can help in medicine. We are only at the beginning of realizing this important plants health and medical benefits.

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