Local Marijuana cafe on the news this morning

My friends and I live in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational use.

There are dozens of dispensaries located throughout the city, so it’s easy to find a good product.

My friends and I have a few different places that we visit each week. They all carry different strains of marijuana, and the prices fluctuate from place to place. Sometimes we can find a really good deal if something is on sale. Sometimes the distributor will have a lot of one specific strain, so they will offload the products for next to wholesale prices. One of my favorite places to go is a local marijuana Cafe. They have a few different pastries like croissants, cupcakes, cheesecake, and scones. All of their treats are infused with marijuana. They have several different coffee varieties too. Everything is available in decaffeinated blends, which helps me out a lot. I don’t consume caffeine, because it’s bad for the heart. I was watching the news this morning, and the marijuana cafe was featured in a segment. They were exploring different types of baked goods that are infused with marijuana. The cafe brought six of their most prized desserts for the crew to sample. Half of them were infused with marijuana and half of them were not. The cafe owner had the off camera crew guess which ones were “special”. It was a fun way to advertise the cafe, and it made me want a brownie. Luckily, my Mom and I are having brunch there on Saturday morning. She is coming to visit and I thought it would be a neat experience.



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