Someone stole two lbs of marijuana

As the manager for a large marijuana dispensary, I am always worried about our safety.

We have security at the front door and motion cameras at every exit and door leading out to the street.

We have video surveillance equipment located in the parking lot as well. During the day, we keep the front door locked. Each customer has to show ID in order to gain access to the building. We had to implement these security procedures several months ago, when we had a serious break in. Even though the problem occurred during our closed hours, I still worry for the safety of each and every employee and all of our customers. Someone with accurate knowledge of our building and security cameras broke into the dispensary in the middle of the night and stole 20 lbs of marijuana. The culprit tripped the silent alarm, but they escaped in less than 60 seconds. It clearly seemed to be someone with an extensive knowledge of our store and its layout. I sat down and interviewed all of the employees on my staff. I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, so I don’t think it was one of my current employees. The problem has only happened once, and I think it could have been a former employee. Since that theft, we implemented more security procedures and we fingerprint all of our employees when they are hired. All of our employees were also trained in emergency protocol and procedures. I hope there will never be a time when it is necessary to recall all of the information, but at least we will be prepared.


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